What are the components used in the Commercial Solar System

Solar panels consist of a series of solar cells known as photovoltaic (PV) cells. It is the technology used for solar energy conversion, which can provide solar system panel electricity.

Many arrays of solar cells are connected and then a common connection between all the cells. The electricity produced by the solar panel system is direct current (DC).

A vital function of the solar panel system is to convert the electrical energy, generated by the solar panels into alternating current (AC). The reason is that household appliances use AC power. Another component that is used is a solar inverter. The inverter is responsible for converting the electricity from DC to AC, so it can be sent to the house.

A solar panel system that produces solar power will need a PV panel that has been connected to the inverter. To find the best solar inverter for your PV panel, you will need to take a look at the products available to you and also the specifications. You can give us a call at 1300 365 699. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have.

To produce your electricity and become independent of utilities, you need a complete solar system. In addition to the panels and solar inverters, there are several other components such as batteries. If you add a battery storage solution to your solar system to store the solar energy, you should understand the parts that go into the battery components

In off-grid solar applications, battery banks, charge controllers and inverters are, in most cases, necessary components. The solar field sends a direct current (DC) to the battery bank via a charge controller. The current is obtained via an inverter from the battery bank, which converts the direct current into alternating current (AC). You will need an energy storage system (ESS).

ESS means that the solar panels and batteries are connected to their inverters to generate usable AC. When you switch on lights or turn on the microwave, the socket is getting the electricity from the battery, and the solar inverter converts to the right type of current the appliance needs.

You will also find that the systems come in different shapes and sizes, but the components are the same.

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