Sydney is a city that has a sufficient number of sunny days every year. This makes it ideal to use solar power to generate electricity thus saving on energy bills. If you have space on your terrace, you can get a solar panel installed to convert the sun’s energy into electric current. Many people are installing solar panels, as this is a sustainable way of generating power. You can also sell back extra power generated to the grid. You need to ensure you get the best quality solar panels so that you reap the complete benefits of solar energy.

The following are some guidelines to help you get the best solar panel in Sydney:

  1. Decide the capacity of the panels needed. This depends on your energy needs. The number of panels you need depends on the panel size and how much power it can capture.
  2. Understand the costing. A solar system including the panels would cost around $5100 for a 5 kW system, which is sufficient for most households.
  3. You need to see the space on your terrace. The panels need to be installed facing north to ensure they work to the fullest capacity.There should be no trees or power lines that shade the roof.
  4. You need to buy an inverter that converts DC power into AC power for use in your home. You can even have a battery to store the power generated. This allows you to use solar power at night.
  5. When you buy the panel, make sure it is CEC approved so you are eligible for the incentives.
  6. Compare prices offered by different companies. Check out the specifications offered and then decide. Do not go only with low price; look for price and specifications.
  7. Lastly, check for the warranty offered. A 10-year warranty is standard. You can look at companies that offer 12 or 15 year warranty so you have trouble-free usage of the panels.

The guidelines given in this article will help you in choosing solar panels for your home. Get the best solar panel and start saving on your energy bill.