A solar power system would have solar panels on a roof and an inverter that stores power in the form of electric current. You can use the solar power generated to run all the electrical appliances in your home and save your power bill. You will need the best solar power system so that you can get maximum benefits from it. You can follow the guidelines given below to find the best system:

  1. The first thing to do is to decide the size of the system needed. This depends on how many people stay in your home and your electricity utilization. On average, a system of 5kW should take care of the needs of most homes.
  2. The solar panels installed on your roof depend on the space availability and your power generation needs. You can use panels of higher capacity to generate more power using lesser space.
  3. You will want a solar power system that is reliable and offers trouble-free maintenance. Go with any of the top brands to ensure you get the best system on offer. Check out reviews of the brand and talk to people who have used the system before you decide.
  4. Check the warranty offered by the seller. Prefer systems with warranties of more than ten years.
  5. Ensure that the panels are as per international standards. Clean Energy Council approval is a must if you want to enjoy the benefits of solar power.
  6. Buy a good quality solar inverter with long warranty duration. This ensures your power generation happens smoothly.
  7. Calculate the payback time to help you decide the cost-effectiveness of your system. Get an estimate from the seller and calculate all expenses needed. Then calculate the savings on your power bill to get an idea of how cost-effective it is. On average you need anywhere from two to five years for your solar system to start paying for itself. Remember that you can sell excess power generated to the grid.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you find the best solar system that can help you save on your power bills.