When you buy a solar power system, you need the best inverter. It is important to find the best solar inverter so that you can get reliable power supply from your system. The inverters are the component of the solar system most likely to fail and hence getting the best device is essential. The following explains how you can do this:

  1. The inverter must be approved by the Clean Energy Council and must comply with the requirements of AS 4777.
  2. Look for a branded inverter. The reputation of the brand can ensure quality. You can also expect better service from reputed brands. Alternately, look for a local product that has good feedback from clients. You can check out client feedback online or through word of mouth recommendations.
  3. Warranty is important since it ensures any failure will be rectified immediately. Warranties must be for a minimum of five years. If you get a 10-year warranty, that is ideal!
  4. Check out if the inverter has a good quality display panel. The panel must display all key parameters related to energy production and consumption.
  5. Some inverters offer Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. This would be helpful in monitoring the functioning of the inverter. This is a good feature to look for; as it helps you keep track of the working of your solar power system.
  6. There are different types of inverters. Choose the product based on your needs and the type of solar panels you have.
  7. The inverter size in kilowatts depends on the solar panels you have and your needs. Keep this factor in mind while choosing the inverter. It ideally must be 75% of the solar panel capacity.
  8. Lastly, check out the price. You need to do some homework to understand market trends, so that you don’t pay too much. Never choose the cheapest product available, as you could end up with problems later.

The above guidelines can be followed when you buy an inverter, so you are assured of getting the best product for your solar power system.