If you are in Brisbane and own solar panels, then you need to maintain them well. With proper maintenance, you can extend the life of the panels and ensure it works well. Cleaning solar panels is important to maintain them. The following are some easy tips to clean solar panels:

  • You can either do the cleaning yourself or take the help of professionals for the best result.
  • The best way of cleaning a panel is to use plain water to clean. This will help remove bird droppings, dust grime, and dirt. It is important to use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge so it doesn’t cause scratches.
  • If there is a lot of dirt or bird droppings, you may need more intensive cleaning. In such a case, use a mild detergent to help loosen the grime on the panel.
  • You can use a gardening hose to wash the solar panels. Use a sponge if grime or dirt is stuck to the panel, else watering with a hose should be sufficient. Don’t use a pressure washer as the high pressure can damage the panel.
  • If your roof is not accessible by stairs, then you need to take safety measures like a harness rope and a helmet.
  • Some panels have a special coating on them that can prevent grime and dust settle on the surface. Such types of panels don’t require too much cleaning.
  • A solar panel that is not cleaned well can cause energy loss of up to 20% per annum. This is why you need to clean the panel regularly.
  • If you can reach the panels from ground level or from a balcony, use a long handled squeegee with a plastic blade to clean the panels. This will avoid the need to climb the roof.
  • It is best to do the cleaning early morning since dew on the panels would have made the dirt and bird droppings soft allowing them to be removed easily.

The tips mentioned in this article will help you clean your solar panels effectively so that it is maintained well.