One of the replenishable sources of energy, present in plenty all around us, solar energy is a game-changer. The reason why we haven’t taken to this source of power, in a big way, is puzzling.

1. It is Free!

That is right, and this is something we cannot say of any other power source. We have a continuous supply of the sun’s energy, and all we have to do is harness it well. Use a solar power installation provider with CEC accredited solar installers, and you will not go wrong.

Why should you wait when you get something free? The cost of installation will pay itself back soon, and then onwards, you enjoy free power. Now, that is something to smile over.

2. It is Non-Polluting

There are no by-products except for the panels that have a life of over 20 years. If you pay attention to the proper disposal of these panels, you have pollution-free power for 20 or more years from your first installation. Do you care about the environment? Start contributing today by changing to solar power for your home and office. It does not smoke, and it does not make any noise.

3. It helps Reduce Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere

The most important chemical is carbon dioxide, an essential component in the life cycle of plants and other organisms. They use carbon dioxide and water from the air to prepare carbohydrates for consumption. It is also responsible for global warming, a process that is now threatening life everywhere. Switching to solar power will help reduce carbon dioxide and stop global warming.

Even now, it is not too late. If we put in some more effort, we could discover more efficient chips and panels that will give us higher efficiency and greater power at a lower cost. It is not too late to start when we begin to change at an individual level, it will create the needed impetus to trigger a global change.